Folkestone Boxing Day Dip 2018

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This year’s boxing day dip will take place as usual on Sunny Sands Beach on Wednesday 26th December. Registration will take place on the day from 9.30am at the Mariner Public House, 16 The Stade, Folkestone, CT19 6AB.

There will be a fancy dress judging competition on the beach at 10.45am, 15 minutes before costumes become soaked.

THE DIP START TIME: 11am (approx)

There will also be commemorative medals for all ‘Dippers’ who raise money for various charities. The Folkestone Lions Club organise the event, and pass the monies raised onto the charities nominated by the dippers themselves and other local worthy causes.

Sponsorship forms are available from the organisers’ website at

Those that want to can dress up and enter the fancy dress competition that takes place for individual dippers, or those taking part as a group. A range of other prizes is awarded as well, especially for the dipper raising the most money!

Please note that Folkestone Rescue are not the organisers of this event, and we regret that we are unable to answer any queries about it.

For a taste of what to expect, watch the below video, filmed on Folkestone Rescue’s ‘Lifeguard Cam’ in 2013:

4 Responses to "Folkestone Boxing Day Dip 2018"
  1. Patricia Young says:

    You mentioned the date as Tues, 26th but Tues is Xmas day 25th, it’s on a Weds this year, 26th.

  2. Ian says:

    Hi, I’d like to take part this year and am happy to be there at 09:45 to register, however do I need to be sponsored ?
    Can I not just register and “dip”

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