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Visitors to this website may choose to provide personally-identifying information in order to use certain functions, such as commenting on a post. The information provided is at the visitor’s discretion, and any information provided will not be released to any third parties by this website.

Whenever a visitor submits a comment, this website records the IP address of that visitor. This potentially personally-identifying information is stored privately by this website, and is not displayed publicly.

It is possible for visitors to submit comments using their Facebook, Twitter or WordPress accounts. In these instances, the visitor’s login information for that account is passed directly to the relevant service, and is not made known to, nor stored by this website.


Comments submitted by visitors will be stored by this website, and displayed publicly on the relevant post. Visitors may choose to supply personally identifying information with the comment (such as their name), and this will be displayed publicly next to their comment.

If a visitor uses their Facebook, Twitter or WordPress accounts to submit comments, or if they use an email address which has been linked to their Gravatar account, the profile picture or avatar image for that account may be displayed publicly next to their comment.

In some situations, comments may be passed to a third party anti-spam service, and stored on their servers for a limited amount of time. This will only occur if the submitted comment fits a profile indicating unsolicited advertising or malicious content, and is similar to the way a Junk Mail filter operates on an email inbox.


This website, like most others, uses cookies to function correctly and to improve your experience. These cookies are strings of information which are stored on your computer by each website, and are passed between your browser and the website every time you visit.

Cookies are used by this website to record statistical information which is not personally-identifying, such as a visitor’s browser type and which pages are viewed the most, in order to understand how people use the website, and to provide a better service. The recording and analysis of this information is performed by third party websites, such as Google Analytics.

Other elements of this website, such as the commenting system and social sharing buttons, also work by using cookies.

If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your computer, you should change your browser settings to prevent them from being saved. Please note that if you do this, certain areas of this website (and most other websites) may not function correctly.