Lifeboat Container Fundraising – Update 4

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🎉 Sailing Stronger with Each Contribution!- Update 4- 40% Target🎉

Hey there, wonderful community!

We’re thrilled to announce that with your continued support, we’ve successfully crossed the 40% mark in our fundraising journey! 🌊 Our current tally stands at £1,722 of our £4,000 goal, and every penny has been a testament to your belief in our mission.

Milestones like these are more than just numbers; they’re moments to celebrate our collective commitment and unity. As we continue on this voyage, remember that every share, every donation, every word of encouragement helps.

If you haven’t joined our cause yet, now’s a fantastic time. And if you’re already aboard, let’s amplify our efforts and spread the word even further! Together with your kind support, I know we can reach 100%.

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